And now I am seventy

70. That's quite a few years in human time. Not so much if I was a parrot though. You would think by now I would have life figured out. Most of my goals would be completed. HAH!

This year has been a wild ride of ups and downs - and the year ain't over yet.

So far:

I lost an old friend. It was the first time I have ever spoken at a memorial service.

I got to reconnect with other cherished old friends for the first time in many years.

I held and fell in love with my first great grandbaby.

I learned to give up possessions that I cared about but had no use for anymore. (Ouch)

Our car broke down on a freeway interchange and totaled itself, but nobody else.

We had to take a bus back home to Todos Santos. (Not a travel arrangement I recommend.)

We got home just in time to experience a cat-4 hurricane, the worst storm in Todos Santos history.

In the confusion my dog ate my passport which had my newly acquired "resident card" stamped in it.

I was trying to repair a piece of damaged furniture and somehow drove a staple through my finger. All the way. Sticking out the other side. But the good thing was I wasn't stapled to the wood as well or I would still be standing there asking myself "WTF did I just do?"  I was able to pry it out.

And finally, I have started writing the book I have been thinking about for several years, a fantasy story about the Gods and Goddesses of MesoAmerica.


I mean, come on now- Where is my nice cup of morning tea as I sit listening to the birds, in my housedress and slippers? And later my cozy nap on the couch while other people solve all of the world's problems on the tv? Where is my night time ritual of settling into the mounds of pillows on my bed with a good book and a good cat? *sigh*

You're right. I would be bored to death. Bring on the rest of 70. I'm ready.