And now I am seventy

70. That's quite a few years in human time. Not so much if I was a parrot though. You would think by now I would have life figured out. Most of my goals would be completed. HAH!

This year has been a wild ride of ups and downs - and the year ain't over yet.

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Todos Santos, Mexico

I woke this morning just as dawn was infusing the sky with soft golden glow. From my high balcony I gazed in awe at the tops of my mango trees, rich with promised harvest, and the blue on blue of the ocean and clear sky. Beside me were the arching bracts of the palm blossoms, even with my balcony. Until I stood nose to blossoms, I never knew what a soft beautiful perfume palms offered. Richly blessed, I thought. I am so richly blessed.

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