meWelcome to my virtual gallery

You will find several different catagories of my work here. I paint in traditional media: Oil paint, watercolor, and airbrush, as well as ink, pencil, and chalk.
But wait.

When I was a kid computers were huge mysterious machines in science-fiction stories. I never imagined I would have of my own.

Then home computers became affordable. An Amiga 500 gave me my first chance to play with the electrifying potential of virtual imagery. My interest in computer art led naturally, with a nudge from dear friends, to Science Fiction Conventions. Over the years much of my work was sold at sci-fi art auctions.

The computer is a tool, just like a brush is a tool. The art part is the mind of the artist. But the computer brush is wicked cool. Soon I was making little animations, and that led to finding programs that let me create music in all the voices and parts I could imagine.

Similtaneously! The combination was and still is addictive. My gallery cover page is my own animation and music. The red hand on the flank of the little appaloosa is my hand, painted, splatted down on a piece of paper, scanned, and the file applied to his coat, as well as the three ceremonial stripes and the eye circles. The Native American flute you hear is mine.

Another addiction of mine is making glass beads. The dragon-hiss of the torch and the colors swirling in the molten glass mesmerize me. I am not so interested in jewelry for decoration as I am in the ceremonial aspect of beads. I will explain more about that in the Bead section of the gallery.

Since I love making art dolls, I found I could make wonderful and strange glass eyes for them. Oh joy, oh syncronicity! My newest soft sculpture project is a series titled "Outside Your Window, Inside Your Closet, and Under Your Bed." Not recommended for imaginative sensitive children. Nor adults. I will add them to the gallery when the series is finished.

I haven't mentioned my habit of being involved with theater projects.
I'm always making one costume or another.

Nor the book illustrations.

I write. Sometimes poetry but more often I write small prose usually about some real moment in my life. I am including that as part of my art.

In my working life I taught Art and Media at an alternative high school. Beside the regular drawing and painting projects I set up an
in-house video station. We broadcast school news, and Word of the Day, book reviews, and very strange commercials.

One of my colleagues, Phil Davis, started a student-exchange program. He invited me to be part of this amazing opportunity. He and I traveled several times to Russia and to Mexico with groups of our students. We introduced them to Russia's Hermitage Art Museum, had meetings with a former Russian political prisoner condemmed for having and sharing books not written by approved Russian authors. We stayed in the homes of Russian people who were as excited about the end of the cold war as we were.

In Mexico we connected with a group of young people dedicated to learning how to protect the environment. We were invited to a camp high in the mountains and experienced the Temazcal, the sacred clay dome sweat lodge, with ancient chants and a bucket of cold water as we crawled out of the steam and back into the world as newly borns. I climbed the Temples of the Sun and the moon in Teotihuacan with them. I loved my job, and my students, each and every one. I loved the tattoos, piercings, skulls and bondage pants and all the other personas young people try on as they find their place in the world.

Phil wrote a book about what we did and why we did it. Amazon Books sells it and it has become part of a college curriculum for how to teach human rights in schools.

The book is called "Guerrilla Visions: Wild Tales of Teaching Human Rights at an Alternative High School"

I have retired to a tiny coastal village in Mexico Where I share my space with dogs, cats, migrant birds, maurading feral horses,
quarrelsome hummingbirds, occasional couch surfers, scorpions and wolf spiders. It's all good.

My next birthday marks seventy years of adventure and joy. I want to share my work, the product of my point of view, with anyone who cares to look. That's why I am posting this gallery as my present to the world.

You are welcome to download and use any images of mine if you like.
This site is not a business, it is a roadside shrine to the exquisite bountiful gift of a life that has been my good fortune to live.

If you want to communicate with me, my e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.